Photo: Love me like a Child

Love Me Like A Child

Creative Randomness, Opinions, Photography

Allow me to trust foolishly, believing that everyone is good at heart.
Allow me to cry when it goes wrong; I’m a man but hug and console me.
Give me a chance to play, and not have a worry in the world.

Tell me you believe in my dreams, even when they sound absurd.
Allow me to make mistakes, because you know I’ll learn.
Forgive my poor decisions; I’ll grow up, better discern.
Tell me when I’m wrong, don’t be afraid to teach me.

[Thank you to the two little champs who made room for my camera.]

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Awarded @Ashesi's Most Outstanding Alumnus in 2013 + Communications Professional + Avant-gardist + Digerati + Writer + Design Enthusiast + Made in Ghana

3 thoughts on “Love Me Like A Child”

  1. Adobea Pippim says:

    And you know no matter what happens, you are purely and deeply loved. You warm my heart, Macho.
    God has blessed me. Exhibit A: you! :)


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