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Good Design Makes You Happy

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I take a lot of flak for my bias towards anything Apple; I am learning to take it better these days. My argument has always been simple: Apple has clever marketing, but its real strength is in the beauty of its tech and marketing design, not its fucntionality.

In this TED talk, design critic Don Norman captures how beauty can sometimes trump functionality; he talks about the three ways in which good design can make you happy. Perhaps one of the most interesting presentations on how design can influence behaviour that I’ve seen yet. I will start pointing people to this video from now on.

There was this wonderful review in The New York Times about the MINI Cooper automobile. It said, “You know, this is a car that has lots of faults. Buy it anyway. It’s so much fun to drive.” And if you look at the inside of the car — I mean, I loved it, I wanted to see it, I rented it, this is me taking a picture while my son is driving — and the inside of the car, the whole design is fun. It’s round, it’s neat. The controls work wonderfully. So that’s my new life; it’s all about fun. – Don Norman

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