The Full-Time Heroes

The Full-Time Heroes

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Let me tell you a short story. This morning I saw this woman “walking” a girl, who I assume is her daughter, to school. The uneven road was making it difficult for her to get traction on her wheelchair, and her daughter had crossed the gutter to help push. She said, “no, stay on that side. There are cars here and it’s dangerous.” So the child skipped over to the other side. 

And even as the woman pushed on with such immense calmness, the sweat on her face betrayed her strain.
Mothers are such beautiful people – the good ones of course.

As we grow, we tend to forget the younger days when our mothers (parents) put us first over all their needs. We really do.

So today I realised, that no matter what we think about our parents’ decisions, they completely deserve us saying, “I agree. You are right mama/dada. I will do this as you suggested.” As much as we can, we should live for the people who “built us”.

They deserve it.

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